Year 4 Homework – 6th March

Reading Homework: Children need to write three detailed comments about a book of their choice. One comment must include a comment about what a character is like and include evidence from the text to support your opinion.

Maths Homework – This week children have come home with an important document providing more information about the multiplication check in June. So that you can see what is expected of them, children have to complete at least 2 soundchecks on times table rockstars as this is based on how the multiplication test will run. Additionally, children will need to also complete at least 3 studio games.  

Year 4 Homework – 14th February

Reading Homework: Over the half term, please can you write at least 2 reading diary comments. One of your comments must include a new word you have found and its definition. 

Maths Homework – Please take time to go on Times Table Rockstars. The ten studio games we usually do at school will still be active for next week and it would be really beneficial to continue with our practise.