Easy Fundraising

We have registered the school with a group called Easy Fundraising. It’s a cashback scheme fundraising for our school.

Easy Fundraising is a gateway to online shopping. Simply download the app to your phone or tablet, or bookmark the website on your laptop. Everytime you shop online, start at Easy Fundraising to see if you can access your product through them. With 7000 businesses registered from Amazon to Zara and Ancestry.co.uk to Zero Water, they’ve pretty much got it covered. You can even get your favourite takeaway Deliverood!

It will cost you absolutely nothing, you are simply accessing supplier websites through them, and buying in the usual way. All the money raised will go toward subsidising class trips throughout the school, reducing the amount we have to ask you to contribute.

It will only take a minute to sign up by using the QR code. If you are on your device and can’t QR, here is the link: