Sporting Events

Sports Day 2024

St John’s Challenge 2023


Girls Year 5&6 – Ava Leone

Boys Year 5&6 – Rex Williams

Girls Year 3&4 – Sophia Hands

Boys Year 3&4 – Rafe Caley

Football Tournament Autumn 23

Sport Enrichment Week 23

Sports Days 2023

Year 5 Sports Day

Year 5 had a very enjoyable traditional sports day which included a variety of races. We had lots of giggles and it was a lovely way to finish off sports enrichment week. The scores were very close at the end but well done to Cavell.

The final scores were:

Cavell – 33 points

Sewell – 32 points

Nelson – 28 points

Bader – 27 points

Year 5 Archery & Climbing

Year 5 had a wonderful morning taking part in archery and climbing activities. Here are some photos of the fun we had and of our achievements during sport enrichment week. We are all very proud of ourselves!

Rugby Taster Day

On Friday 18th June KS2 took part in a rugby taster day run by Norwich Rugby Club. The wet weather did not dampen our spirits and we had a wonderful time. All the children were very engaged and enthusiastic. 

Dance Music Workshops

KS2 have been taking part in dance to music workshops. We had a wonderful time and can’t wait to continue at the afterschool club.

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Cross Country running competition that took place on Thursday 19th November

The winners were:

Year 5/6 BoysYear 5/6 Girls
1st- Toby (year 6)1st- Lillie (year 6)
2nd- Ben (year 6)2nd- Ella (year 6)
3rd- Jack (year 5)3rd- Lily (year 5)
Year 3/4 BoysYear 3/4 Girls
1st- Tommy  (year 4)1st- Emily (year 4)
2nd- Finn (year 4)2nd- Milly (year 4)
3rd- Tyrone (year 4)3rd- Ava (year 3)