Year 2

Class Teachers

Mrs S Hands
(Monday - Wednesday)

Mrs D Green
(Thursday - Friday)

Teaching Assistants

Mrs G Smith (all week)

Mrs J Allen (Tue and Thu)

Mrs Meale (Mon, Wed and Fri)

Home Learning

Please access Google Classroom via this link:

Curriculum Planning

Organiser Curriculum Objectives
Autumn 1 Rainforest Rainforest Topic Planning Brief

Suggested 'Good Reads'

Meerkat Mail- Emily Gravett

Amazing Grace- Mary Hoffman

Pumpkin Soup- Helen Cooper

Dr Xargle’s Book of Earthlets- Tony Ross

Not Now Bernard- David McKee

Tuesday- David Wiesner

The Flower- John Light

Gorilla- Anthony Browne

Emily Brown and The Thing- Cressida Cowell

Frog and Toad Together- Arnold Lobel

The Giraffe, the Pelly and Me- Roald Dahl

Fantastic Mr Fox- Roald Dahl

The Hodgeheg- Dick King-Smith

Flat Stanley- Jeff Brown

The Day the Crayons Quit- Oliver Jeffers

Useful Websites

The Rainforest web links Flying over the Rainforest South East Asia Facts about world rainforests information about biomes Rainforest information Tree and plant life in the jungle Rainforest information Rainforest information Rainforest layer explanation Factual info on the rainforest Tours of the layers Protecting the Awa Tribe Kayapo Tribe, excellent photos and description Uncontacted tribes in Brazil Field Trip to visit the Maleku Tribe Homes of the Congo Rainforest Facts about tribal face painting Dogon Mask Dance Mask making with Beans and Pulses Pre wedding dance Gumboot Dance African Traditional Music The Sacredness of Masks and how they are used in dance An hour of rainforest music Foods and products from the Amazon Rainforest Foods from the rainforest and recipes What eats what in the rainforest Rainforest beneath the canopy Ray Mears Jungle Survival Howler Monkey Calls Forest Floor detailed information The Rainforest Floor Rainforest layers The Forest Floor and Understory Layer Characteristics of Rainforests Facts about the Emergent layer Facts about the Canopy Layer How to make a Play Dough Frog Choir creates a rain storm with hands The relationship between rain and the rainforest Poison Dart Frog Amazonian Musician explaining why music is important to him Rainforest song Rainforest Song Teacher Tube Defending the Rivers of the Amazon Endangered Animals Endangered Species in the Amazon Endangered Animals child friendly Top 100 Endangered Annimals What you can do to save the Amazon Rainforest The causes of climate change What you can do about climate change Video on looking after our planet Wordless video on saving the environment Change the world in 5 minutes Tackling climate change Fairtrade in Birmingham Climate change and fair trade links Explanation of the fair trade cooperatives Scratch coding