Neolithic Britain – Gressenhall – Year 3

The Year 3 and 4s went to Gressenhall where they learnt about Neolithic Britain.  We learnt about farming, how to make shelters, hunting and gathering and we also looked at tools from the Stone Age.

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Welcome to Year 3

Mrs Gittins
Class Teacher

Mrs Medler
Class Teacher

Mrs Popey
Teaching Assistant

Mrs Silver
Teaching Assistant

Home Learning

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Curriculum Planning

2021-22 Organiser Curriculum Objectives
Autumn 1 India India
Autumn 2 Maya Civilization Maya Civilization
Spring 1 & 2 Natural Disasters Natural Disasters
Summer 1 Stone Age Stone Age
Summer 2
2020-21 Organiser Curriculum Objectives
Autumn 1 Light And Shadow Autumn 1
Autumn 2 Ancient Greece Autumn 2
Spring 1 Ancient Greece Spring 1
Spring 2 Rivers and Coasts Spring 2
Summer 1 Vikings Summer 1
Summer 2 Vikings Summer 2

Suggested 'Good Reads'

The Boy Who Grew Dragons- Andy Shepard

The Invisible Boy- Trudy Ludwig

The Abominables- Eva Ibbotson

The Battle of Bubble and Squeak- Philippa Pearce

King Kong- Anthony Browne

The Sheep-Pig- Dick King Smith

Fantastic Mr Fox- Roald Dahl

Cat Tales: Ice Cat- Linda Newbery

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night- Janet and Allen Ahlberg