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I am extremely proud to be Head teacher of this happy and successful school. All the staff at St. John’s strive to make this a special place to work, learn and play. I believe that the school offers all of its children an excellent education, full of exciting opportunities, challenge and interest. As a result our children make good progress, experience success and are happy and secure individuals.

We pride ourselves on the supportive relationships that exist between the members of staff, our parents and their children. Close home/school links are vital to a pupil’s ongoing success. We actively encourage parents to become fully involved in the school. My role as Headteacher is to support that link and to be available whenever parents have concerns.

Happy children who enjoy coming to school are most receptive to learning. We ensure that our curriculum is stimulating, challenging and well planned. Standards in literacy and numeracy are good and these subjects are part of our exciting broad balanced curriculum.

Many lessons are rooted within the term’s topic. A topic-focused curriculum is effective as it supports young children in making links between learning. We also have a wide selection of visitors involved in school helping to broaden the children’s experiences

We know it is essential that children feel secure, safe and settled and we start supporting this even before the children start school through a carefully planned induction process. Children who join us, as late entrants are welcomed and great care is taken to help them establish relationships with other children.

We pride ourselves on the warmth of our welcome and the friendliness of our approach because it is in working together that our children will flourish and grow.

Rebecca Quinn

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