Year 4 Go Karts – Sport Enrichment Week

Science Investigation – Dental Health

Year 4 have been learning about teeth and how different liquids can affect their dental health.  During British Science Week, we conducted an investigation into which liquids were the best and which were the worst.  The results surprised us!  Orange juice proved the worst liquid and water was the healthiest.

Music Assembly Photos

Today we had a musical treat courtesy of the Norfolk Music Hub, as part of their live music week. Five musicians came to deliver a special music assembly, where they talked about their instruments and played pieces of music from a piece composed by Henry VIII to Harry Potter and even Star Wars! The children really enjoyed this experience and the musicians were really impressed with how knowledgeable the children were about music. One child in Year 1 even knew what a tuba was! They were also impressed that all the children in school from Years 2-6 learn the recorder, keyboard and glockenspiel. If your child has been inspired and asks about learning to play an instrument, then please get in touch with Mrs Gittins via the school office email address, as she will be able to point you in the right direction.

Ancient Rome

In Art this half term we have been learning about monuments and in particular, monuments in Ancient Rome. We have been learning about the history surrounding the Colosseum and the Pantheon. This week the children sketched the Pantheon so they can get a good idea of how it was constructed, ahead of constructing their own. I think you’ll agree that their art work is very impressive!

Exploring Fractions

Today we have been exploring equivalent fractions using Cuisinere. The children were tasked with trying to create a fractions wall using the rods. They soon discovered that they needed to use rods of the same colour in each row, to show that the fractions were equivalent to the whole. They also discovered that it was impossible to make all the fractions and that the equivalent fractions they created were different, depending on which rod was the whole at the top.The children really enjoyed this activity and it has certainly deepened their understanding of equivalent fractions.

Horstead Day 2

Super Speed Stacking!

This week the children were able to try speed stacking (or sport stacking). We think that many of you may have been asked to add a set of cups to a few Christmas present lists! So we thought you might like to see some photos of the children stacking.

Stacking is an individual and team sport that involves stacking 9 or 12 specially designed cups in sequences as quickly as possible. Sequences are usually pyramids and the stacking takes place against the clock. It was first played in the 1980’s and is very popular in countries such as America and South Korea.

Explanation Texts

This half term, the children have been learning all about explanation texts. They then researched an animal that is either extinct or may be in danger of becoming extinct, then after learning all about the features of this style of writing, wrote an explanation text of their own. Some children had time to type their work using the Chrome Books. We thought it would be lovely to share these with you.

Ancient Greek Workshop

Years 3 and 4 enjoyed a workshop about the Ancient Greeks yesterday. Children took part in a number of activities throughout the day. They started with re-creating battle formations and tactics, learnt about city-state management, wrote like a Greek scribe and finished the day playing Ancient Greek games.

All of the children said that they had a wonderful day and thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Ancient Greeks!

Huge thanks to The Classical Association, who kindly gave us a grant to run this workshop.

Year 4 Real Gym Sessions

This term during our Real Gym sessions we have been concentrating on balance. The children have embraced every challenge and everyone managed to complete a ‘trickiest’ balance. We thought they were so amazing that we needed to share these with you.