The Night Box

Year 3 and 4 had a wonderful time exploring The Night Box during our reading cafe on Tuesday 5th February. We created our own paintings of the night sky before exploring the personification, metaphors and similes used in the text. We then used these ideas to help us write our own to describe our own paintings. Here are some pictures of the fun we had.

Year 4 Ancient Greece

Year 4 have been really enjoying learning about Ancient Greece. Over the past week we have been creating our own Ancient Greek pots. We have discovered that the real artifacts tell us a lot about Ancient Greek life and we have looked to use similar patterns and pictures.

Year 4 Forest Schools

Year 4 have been extremely fortunate this half term to be able to attend three forest school sessions. Children have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and have been building great team-working skills and developing a love of the outdoors. We have even been able to link this in with our current Ancient Greek topic. We cooked pitta breads over a campfire and ate them with Greek food such as feta cheese.

Year 4 & 2 Maths Investigation

Year 4 & 2 joined together to complete a maths investigation about perimeter. First the children had to think of ways of measuring around the hall without using any standard measurements. The children discovered that their measurements all differed. Then they were given a variety of standard units of measurement to use such as rulers, meter sticks and tape measures. The children noticed that although their measurements were similar they still differed due to a variety of factors. They all agreed that a trundle wheel would be the best option and they discovered that their measurements were accurate. We then asked the children to use the information they had about the perimeter to calculate the area of the hall. The groups were mixed year groups and they all had fun working together.