Year 2 Garden Centre

On Monday 17th July, Year 2 held their very own garden centre in the school hall. We sold many hand crafted items as well as plants and yummy cakes. It was very well attended and we hope to have made over £200. We will post the total amount raised towards the end of the week when we have sold some more items. The children worked very hard and the afternoon was a complete success!

Animating with Year 6

Last week the children of Year 2 had the opportunity to pair up with a child from Year 6 to learn how to use the animation tool on J2Launch. The children used lego to create props and filmed their stories frame by frame. By the end of the afternoon we had some budding filmmakers.

Kingswood 2017

I hope you enjoy looking at the photos of our recent residential. As you can see we had an amazing time and the children were an absolute joy to be with.

Year 4 & 2 Maths Investigation

Year 4 & 2 joined together to complete a maths investigation about perimeter. First the children had to think of ways of measuring around the hall without using any standard measurements. The children discovered that their measurements all differed. Then they were given a variety of standard units of measurement to use such as rulers, meter sticks and tape measures. The children noticed that although their measurements were similar they still differed due to a variety of factors. They all agreed that a trundle wheel would be the best option and they discovered that their measurements were accurate. We then asked the children to use the information they had about the perimeter to calculate the area of the hall. The groups were mixed year groups and they all had fun working together.

Time and Weight

In Year 2 we have been learning all about weight, in particular grams and kilograms. The children used the chrome books to practice reading scales using a game called ‘Mostly Postie’.The children were able to follow a flap jack recipe, measuring ingredients and more importantly, they got to eat them! Another group were learning all about seconds and had to complete a range of activities in either 15 or 30 seconds and record what they had achieved. Activities included, counting, writing the alphabet and building towers of cubes.

Making Rivers

In Year 2 as part of our Geography topic we have been looking at physical features with regards to our environment. Last week we created mountains, this week we concentrated on rivers. The children used sticks for the river banks and made a river bed using sand and grit. We then poured ‘rain’ down the river and watched what happened. The children noticed that sand and grit travelled with the water and that the water made a natural path down the river bed. The children also related this activity to the water cycle and what an important part mountains play within this cycle.

Making Mountains

Year 2 are studying many physical aspect of Geography. This week we have been looking at mountains. We have studied their locations, shapes and how they look. The children chose a mountain to replicate and by using various resources, created their own mountains and mountain ranges. The children thoroughly enjoyed the activity an having a chance to make a good old mess!

Rainbow man for Gingerbread Go! trail

After hundreds of thumb prints, Year 2 would like to introduce you to Rainbow Man as designed by George! As you can imagine we are very proud of our gingerbread man and hope you look out for him as part of the Gingerbread Go! trail this weekend.

Year 2’s Superhero Creation

Year 2 have been really busy creating a new superhero, ‘Rainbow Man’ as designed by George. His colourful costume has been produced by hundreds and hundreds of thumb prints. If you wish to see the finished gingerbread man then he will be on display as part of the Gingerbread Go! trail.

Oi Frog

We have been reading Oi Frog by Kes Gray in our guided reading sessions. This book is an hilarious rhyming story about a frog who doesn’t want to sit on a log. A cat then describes all the things animals have to sit on such as ‘lions sit on irons’. The children had to come up with their own animals and rhyming things that they may sit on. My personal favourites were puffins sit on muffins and pandas sit on sun loungers!