Medieval Day

The children had a wonderful time during Medieval Day. In the morning they made pottage, performed their medieval dance and enjoyed their medieval banquet. Whilst they were eating, some children performed poems, songs and jokes. In the afternoon, we cooked the pottage on an open fire in the copse. We enjoyed jousting competitions, mock battles/free play and some children chose to perform the dance again. Around the camp fire we tried the pottage. Finn said he loved it and Charlie had a second helping!

Here are some of the children’s comments about the day…

Poppie – It was really fun and awesome. My favourite bit was the pottage. I liked it.

Milly – I loved it! It was fun. My favourite part was the dance. I was good at leading the group and I kept going. The feast in the class was great.

Emily – My favourite bit was having the feast because I really liked all the food. But I didn’t like the pottage in the woods.

Ava – My favourite was the medieval feast because I liked all the food. I loved dressing up as a maiden. I loved all of it!

Theo – My favourite bit was ALL OF IT! I really liked it because it was fun.

Rosa – I liked watching the jousting; it was fun but I didn’t want to have a go in case I fell down.

Thomas – It was AWESOME! We got to eat real food but I didn’t like the pottage. It had vegetables in and I don’t like them. The poor people would have eaten it so I would want to be rich to eat meat! My favourite part was the jousting; I played with Ava and I won.

Esme – I loved the Medieval Day. The feast was brilliant. I loved dressing up as a maiden. The pottage was disgusting! I didn’t like it. I liked the jousting the best. I played with Willow and I won!

Charlie – I was really REALLY happy because I loved eating a lot of food. The soup in the woods I really liked it and I had seconds. I liked the jousting. I did it with William and I beat him. I couldn’t beat Dalton because he was strong.

Tommy M – It was great because we had to dress up and go in the forest. My favourite part was running around and playing!

Tommy G – I liked wearing my costume. My favourite part was eating the banquet but I only liked the pottage a little bit because I don’t like carrots!

For all the children’s comments, please ask to see the class topic book.

DT Day

The children had a great time making their battering ram or siege tower with fixed/rotating axles. It was lovely to see them helping one another when they encountered difficulties.

Here are some of the children’s comments about the day…

Eva – I made a siege tower. I was happy because it had three different levels; it was like my plan. It had fixed axles. I tried to make rotating axles but it didn’t work. It was too tricky. I finished my model then helped Tommy G.

Ruby – I made a siege tower with fixed axles. I did it all by myself and it was easy. If I did it again I’d make rotating axles because my wheels wouldn’t move very well.

Joshua – I made a siege tower but it was really hard. I couldn’t do the sticky tape and it was everywhere! Mr Halliday helped me. I made rotating axles and they were easy.

Leo – I made a battering ram. It was good because I think it could break down the door to the castle. I wish I had a real one! It was an awesome day!

Milly – my battering ram had fixed axles. They were tricky to make because the wheels were a bit stuck! I had to roll them around till they moved. I was proud because I did it on my own.

Theo – I made a siege tower with fixed axles. Miss Baker helped me because the hammer and drawbridge were tricky. It was a good day.

Rosa – I had fixed axles on my siege tower. They worked well because the wheels went round ok. Willow helped me. I felt proud because I didn’t think I could make one!

For more of the children’s comments, please ask to see the class topic book.