Horstead Day 2 Part 3

Horstead Day 2 Morning Part 2

Horstead Day 2 Morning Part 1

Horstead Residential Day 1

St John’s Challenge 2023


Girls Year 5&6 – Ava Leone

Boys Year 5&6 – Rex Williams

Girls Year 3&4 – Sophia Hands

Boys Year 3&4 – Rafe Caley

Autumn 2 – Science Materials Experiments

Insulators, Dissolving & Separating Materials

Spring 1 – West African Art – Reliefs

Year 6 DT Photos

Over the past few weeks, children have been exploring water walls in DT which also involved us making prototypes of Archimedes screws and pulleys.We were extremely lucky to have Oysters Yachts come in and help deliver an amazing session building water walls which look phenomenal. The staff at Oysters were brilliant at helping support the children with their ideas and how to correctly use the tools and construct a working water wall.

Year 3 Stone Age Day