DT Day

The children had a great time making their battering ram or siege tower with fixed/rotating axles. It was lovely to see them helping one another when they encountered difficulties.

Here are some of the children’s comments about the day…

Eva – I made a siege tower. I was happy because it had three different levels; it was like my plan. It had fixed axles. I tried to make rotating axles but it didn’t work. It was too tricky. I finished my model then helped Tommy G.

Ruby – I made a siege tower with fixed axles. I did it all by myself and it was easy. If I did it again I’d make rotating axles because my wheels wouldn’t move very well.

Joshua – I made a siege tower but it was really hard. I couldn’t do the sticky tape and it was everywhere! Mr Halliday helped me. I made rotating axles and they were easy.

Leo – I made a battering ram. It was good because I think it could break down the door to the castle. I wish I had a real one! It was an awesome day!

Milly – my battering ram had fixed axles. They were tricky to make because the wheels were a bit stuck! I had to roll them around till they moved. I was proud because I did it on my own.

Theo – I made a siege tower with fixed axles. Miss Baker helped me because the hammer and drawbridge were tricky. It was a good day.

Rosa – I had fixed axles on my siege tower. They worked well because the wheels went round ok. Willow helped me. I felt proud because I didn’t think I could make one!

For more of the children’s comments, please ask to see the class topic book.